This Is The Way It’s Gonna Be

I realized yesterday that what we’re seeing now, the normalization of mass death and disablement, is the reality for at least the near future. We can rage against it, curse it and all those who are bringing it about, but I believe the die is cast and we’re stuck with living in the Upside Down.

I understand this isn’t some clairvoyant insight: this has been happening for some time. But for some reason it really struck me yesterday that this is our new reality. I was at the eye doc, getting a long-delayed checkup: I haven’t been wild about someone getting that close to me, let alone without a mask. But It’s been several years and I really needed to get it done.

The assistant put on a baggy blue because I was masking (with an N95) and ran some of the tests. Then I waited for the doc to come in. She was very nice and put on her own baggy blue. But it was loose, kept slipping down below her nose, and she only occasionally tugged it back up.

She had me look through the gadget where they do the “now or NOW” drill while looking at the letters on the wall. Then she said, “I’m ALL about masking, but if the lenses start fogging up you’ll have to take off your mask.” 

That, right there, that simple remark, was like reality snapping. I’m all about masking. Sure you are: you said that while your surgical mask was drooping under your nose. When you weren’t wearing a mask before you came in, and (after she was done) ditched it before we left the examination room. 

I’m all about masking. Clearly.

Did it make me angry? No. I’m long past anger, long past rage. We got over that pretty quickly a year ago when we came to Idaho, the State That Doesn’t Mask. No one here masks, even the public-facing areas of the hospital and private medical clinics.

So, no. I wasn’t angry. But I was a little pissed about one thing: sure, I appreciate that you at least made a token gesture and put on a totally inadequate mask that was never intended to be PPE in the first place. But don’t rub salt in the wound by saying, “I’m all about masking.” Don’t lie to me.

This is where I believe we are, my friends, and I don’t think it’s going to change any time soon.

This Is The Way It’s Gonna Be

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