On The Blue Check Outrage Over Walensky’s Ironic Karma

I am writing this to all the privileged “blue check” Illuminati on Twitter (and no doubt elsewhere) who are currently punching down on the many, many people sending their heartfelt “thoughts and prayers” and raising middle fingers to Dr. Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director and champion of hand sanitizing to prevent infection by airborne diseases, who has now tested positive for COVID-19:

Please kindly take your hypocritical self-righteousness and go fuck yourselves with it.

Walensky is the primary architect of politically (not science) driven CDC guidance and data suppression supporting President Biden’s “the pandemic is over” strategy (see We Are No One), which has arguably led directly to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, along with the disablement and general suffering of millions more during Biden’s tenure – thus far.

And she has not done this because she’s incompetent or a fool: she’s done it because that is what her boss, President Joseph R. Biden, wants done. He’s declared the pandemic over, was moving in that direction for at least a year, and she (and White House COVID-19 Coordinator Ashish Jha) were charged with burying it (and many of us, as collateral damage). The gaslighting, lies, and disinformation reached ridiculous proportions, with the supreme irony of Walensky tweeting out on 21 October 2022 the need to be vigilant with regard to washing hands to prevent infection by an airborne pandemic disease, after which she herself tested positive for it the next day.

And here, now, you “experts” call the people who are less than sad about this turn of events “terrible human beings” (and worse), ignoring the fact that many or most of these people are the very ones who have suffered the devastating results of Walensky’s campaign of suppression and disinformation. These are the people who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 (be their deaths “with” or “from”), who are suffering from long COVID or organ damage, or are dealing with loved ones – including children – suffering the same, all while trying to navigate the living hell of our medical system, often without paid leave or health insurance, to keep them alive.

These “terrible people” have been gaslit and lied to by Biden, Jha, Zients, Walensky, Trump, Birx, Fauci, Redfield…and you.

Yes, you.

”What? How dare you accuse me – me, an expert! – of such a dastardly thing!”

Yes, again, you:

You tell people it’s okay to be safe “95% of the time” and roll the dice the other 5% in a casino with rigged tables and deadly house rules.

You manufacture bullshit statistics and rationales befitting a Rube Goldberg machine to justify any and every high risk activity you want to partake in, no matter the risk to yourself or others.

You spend $500 on rapid tests, indulging your manifest self-privilege, but somehow fail to understand they won’t prevent infection like a mask, which you refuse to wear when meeting with others, dining indoors, and then are surprised when COVID-19 came to your house.

You don’t believe doctors specializing in infectious diseases should be held to a higher standard than lay people outside of a clinical setting. You dutifully wear you mask during conference sessions, but then go maskless, YOLOing in restaurants, bars, and dance party superspreader events during medical conventions (great selfies!).

You accuse others – especially those among your peers who actually have a sense of decency – of virtue signaling for daring to even express sympathy for these horrid plebeians who refuse to lament Walensky’s misfortune.

And you do all of this, say all of this, with not a single care about the consequences your words and actions – as experts in the wide field of infectious diseases – may have had on others, including some of the people you’re now castigating for not bemoaning Walensky’s run-in with karma, during the worst pandemic in modern history. You apparently see yourselves as rock stars, credential-bearing tone police, pillars of intellect, and arbiters of moral justice, when you are little more than bloviating egoists, petulant children with a wall full of diplomas.

The truth, to borrow a phrase from Jim Wright (aka @stonekettle on Twitter), is that you have no more shame or self-awareness than a dog licking its own asshole in the middle of a public sidewalk. The difference is that a dog has far more compassion and humanity.

On The Blue Check Outrage Over Walensky’s Ironic Karma

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