Welcome to the Pandemic Enclave

If you’re looking for an on-line haven from the pandemic-denying lunacy that has overtaken much of the world, the Pandemic Enclave is for you.

This is a start-up social community where you can discuss issues of concern, seek (and hopefully find) support, share information, or just chill out with like-minded people. If you’ve used Facebook, the interface should feel very familiar; if you haven’t, it’s super easy to learn. It’s not fancy and is maybe even a bit rough around the edges right now, but we can spruce it up over time. Or just leave it like a beach bungalow and enjoy the virtual wind and waves.

While we welcome discussions and debate about any topic under the sun, Pandemic Enclave has a zero tolerance policy for a**holes and obnoxious behavior: there’s enough of that ”out there” and we’re not going to allow it in here. We want this to be a retreat from the madness for our members, filtering out the craziness.

There is no charge or fee for joining or participating, no advertising, no B.S., no byzantine terms of service other than to be a decent human being and treat others with kindness and respect. The site is not monetized and won’t be. If it grew to the point where the founder was unable to pay for the web hosting – a wonderful problem to have – he would ask for donations and provide 100 percent transparency. But that’s a worry for another day.

So, if you’re tired of the baloney on the big social media platforms and the pod people trying to infect you, come join us!